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Chemical giant DuPont ( DD) is focused on better living through chemistry. The firm's most famous products include nylon, Kevlar, Teflon, and Tyvek -- materials that have become wildly successful in the decades since they were introduced. More recently, DuPont has focused on less consumer-centric projects, establishing itself as one of the biggest genetically modified seed producers in the world and investing in its food ingredient arm.

Management's willingness to invest cash into R&D is critical for DuPont. The firm's biggest blockbusters came from internal investment in R&D (as opposed to merely acquiring its tech from others and marketing it), and that emphasis on innovation is baked into the corporate culture.

A lot of DuPont's growth prowess comes from its agriculture business, where supplying consumable modified seeds at home and in ag-hungry emerging economies should continue to be a hot market. Like other chemical industry names, DuPont carries a fair debt load on its balance sheet. That said, cash accounts for much of that debt, decreasing the leverage that shareholders are buying into.

Right now, DuPont pays out a 43-cent quarterly dividend that translates into a 3.6% yield. This stock looks like it's in good position to hike its payouts in the next quarter.

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