Blue Calypso, Inc. Unveils EMGage™ – An Employee Engagement Tool That Taps The Power Of Social Media To Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Blue Calypso, Inc. (OTCBB: BCYP), a leader in digital word-of-mouth marketing, announced today its new product offering EMGage. Blue Calypso’s EMGage solution helps companies leverage the power of their employees to communicate company messages across social media. EMGage is a fully customized, branded platform enabling organizations to offer employees the opportunity to distribute national or regional content across multiple social media channels with one click.

“Brands spend millions on advertising and marketing, without realizing they have an organic built-in promotional tool right in their backyard – their employees,” said Bill Ogle, CEO, Blue Calypso. “We leveraged our patented social sharing platform to create EMGage - a solution that lets companies engage their employees in marketing programs through their own social media channels. By motivating employees to be part of the process and help make a difference to the company’s bottom line, organizations can promote their products and engage their employees to strive for success.”

How EMGage Works

EMGage is an online marketing platform that enables a large group of individuals to share company brand messages over their social networks with one click. The solution helps organizations:
  • Empower employees to share key branding and promotional messages with their friends.
  • Track the spread of messages and actions taken by friends for attribution.
  • Reward top employee influencers with the brand’s currency for helping spread the word.

From a marketing perspective, EMGage leverages employee groups to promote their company brand to their peers and in turn drive growth in the company’s social referral activity and sales. From an employee perspective, organizations can drive deeper engagement and productivity with employees through empowerment and rewards. EMGage acts as a powerful employee engagement tool, helping employees feel equipped and motivated to support the organization's brand mission and help build market share.