Wall Street Webcasting Presents Wells Fargo Securities: Are Fed’s Policies Fixing The Housing Market?

Wall Street Webcasting presents exclusive video of Rich Gordon, the highly regarded Fixed Income Market Strategist of Wells Fargo Securities (NYSE: WFC). This week Gordon examines the United States’ past to see if history is bound to repeat itself.

Housing prices have been recovering for the past nine months and recently, due to the Fed’s purchases, the price gains have been relatively strong. As the Fed pushes mortgages lower they are pushing housing prices higher. Gordon states that “housing prices are now growing at a much faster annual rate than the annual interest rate on mortgages used to finance the properties.” Currently, the housing market resembles the trend from late 2003 to 2006, but will this produce another real estate bubble?

To hear Gordon’s predictions for the real estate market, tune into Wells Fargo Securities’ newest video.

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