+ Cypress introduced its TrueTouch ® Gen4X touchscreen controllers, which deliver 3X the noise-immunity of leading touchscreen controllers. The robust noise-immunity provides uninterrupted tracking of finger movements and smoother navigation in the presence of noisy chargers, displays, and RF signals. These controllers are already designed into both in-cell displays and smartphones in the rapidly growing Chinese market.

+ Cypress announced that Fujitsu selected its TrueTouch Gen4 solution to implement the touchscreen in the new Arrows V F-04E smartphone. The Fujitsu phone uses the Android operating system and runs on the 4G LTE network.

+ Cypress introduced CapSense ® and CapSense Plus™ controllers with Cypress’s new QuietZone™ technology, which is the first capacitive sensing technology to provide a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) greater than 100:1. The new devices offer industry-leading features, including the ultra-low power consumption (down to 50 microwatts per channel), high-accuracy proximity detection and the water-tolerance needed by customers in the consumer, white goods, and small home-appliance markets. Cypress is the No. 1 supplier of capacitive-sensing solutions with a market share greater than 4X that of the nearest competitor.

+ Cypress announced that startup Leap Motion Inc. selected Cypress’s EZ-USB ® FX3™ solution for its 3D motion sensing and control system. The breakthrough Leap Motion controller enables a user to operate a computer using free-form hand movements and intuitive gestures. FX3 rapidly transfers data from the system’s image sensors to a central processor, enabling an unparalleled 3D human interface.

+ Cypress announced two design wins for its proprietary 2.4-GHz wireless radio technologies: I-Rocks Technology’s wireless keyboard with a built-in trackpad, and ITON Technology’s RF module, which provides a turnkey solution for wireless mice, using a Cypress radio-on-chip.

+ Micron Technology and Cypress subsidiary AgigA Tech signed an agreement to develop and provide nonvolatile dual in-line memory module (nvDIMM) products, pin-compatible with the ubiquitous, super-high volume PC DIMM memory. Using AgigA Tech’s proprietary technology, these nvDIMMs provide performance, cost, and data security advantages for high-performance computing and storage platforms.

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