This was not mere assertion. The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee then went on to demonstrate the truth of that statement by spending most of their allotted time talking about silver. This is not the behavior of zealots. You won't hear devoted Christians saying that while "their god" is good, if you want to see "a really great god" in action you should follow Buddha.

Zealots, by definition, are unwavering believers in their own dogma. Yet not just with GATA, but with most of the "community" of gold bugs, we hear these individuals asserting one-after-another that the real story here is in the silver market.

Understand the enthusiasm these individuals have for the gold market has not wavered in the slightest. Indeed, for numerous, fundamental reasons the gold bugs are more optimistic about the future of gold than ever.

Put another way, these analysts are more pessimistic than ever about the speed with which our servile governments are destroying our economies.

More than anything, gold bugs are "detectives": seekers of the Truth, in a world where the Corporate Media bombard us with a deluge of fear-mongering and outright lies to attempt to ward off investor dollars from entering this sector.

Remember all the years these liars attempted to dismiss gold as a "barbarous relic"?

That lie had to be abandoned . In fact, gold never ceased being treated as "money" by the same cabal of international banking which produces all of our debauched, "fiat currencies": the central banks.

However, it was only after the world's premier gold haters were forced to abandon their relentless gold-dumping (because they ran out of gold), and suddenly flip-flopped and began buying gold at the fastest rate in history that the Corporate Media finally jettisoned this absurd lie.

It was GATA's Ed Steer who produced perhaps the single, most-damning piece of evidence at the conference: a chart showing the extreme, historically unprecedented, and grossly disproportional short positions which exist in these commodity markets.

Courtesy of analyst Nick Laird

The point to note here is that not only do the precious metals short positions dwarf the shorting of virtually all of the world's other commodity markets, but this massive shorting occurs in generally tiny markets.

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