Zippy Bags, Inc. To Capitalize On Growing Trends In The Booming Snowboard, Cycling, And Auto Racing Industries

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zippy Bags, Inc. (OTCBB:ZPPB), a specialty hybrid sporting goods bag manufacturing company, seeks to capitalize in the multi-billion dollar snowboard, cycling, and auto racing industries.

With the official launches of the Zippy Snowboard Bag, Bike Bag, Wheel Bag, and the Zippy Helmet and Racing Gear Combo-Bag, Zippy Bags Inc. is on its way to becoming a household name with innovative, and multi-functional products in the many multi-billion dollar sporting goods industries.

"Zippy Bags Inc.'s mission is to be the leader in innovative, superbly crafted, hybrid, protective, bags for outdoor, indoor, and extreme sports. Our designs are very exclusive, unique and radical. While exceeding customer expectations with value, attractiveness and price, we want to promote a positive image for the sports for which our Zippy Bags are designed," said Janet Somsen, CEO of Zippy Bags Inc.  

"As consumers arm themselves with information, they expect value and innovation now more than ever. The search for value is causing customers to open their wallets and rewarding innovation. We are seeing that no matter the retail price of something, if customers can see the value and benefit, they will purchase them,'' added Somsen.

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