Magellan’s Medication-Assisted Treatment Program Demonstrates Significant Drop In Substance Abuse Readmissions

Today, Magellan Health Services Inc (NASDAQ: MGLN) announced the results of an innovative substance abuse treatment program launched in 2010 called Magellan Integrated Substance Use Solutions . An analysis of a year’s worth of data from the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) portion of that program shows significant reductions in readmissions from participants. Those participating in MAT had 21 percent fewer readmissions to a facility at seven days after discharge than those who were not discharged on medications, 20 percent fewer readmissions after 30 days, and 19 percent fewer readmissions after 60 days.

The same 2011 report indicated that Magellan members with substance abuse diagnoses who participate in a more intensely monitored group due to the severity of their need, had 54 percent fewer readmissions at seven days after discharge than those who were not discharged on medications, 42 percent fewer after 30 days, and 14 percent fewer after 60 days.

“Individuals suffering from substance use disorders and addiction need more than a one-size-fits-all treatment philosophy to ensure they maintain their progress toward recovery and resiliency,” said Gary M. Henschen, M.D., chief medical officer of Magellan Behavioral Health. ”We’ve developed an innovative, comprehensive program that is customizable to the needs of the member, and we can point to the results that show this approach is working.”

Magellan’s Integrated Substance Use Solutions program focuses on clinical interventions, increased provider and member outreach, social networking tools and the use of the most effective pharmacological solutions available in the treatment of substance use disorders. Where clinically appropriate, MAT includes the use of medications such as acamprosate, naltrexone, disulfiram, and buprenorphine that reduce cravings to assist in recovery. As part of the overall program, Magellan monitors the number of cases in which physicians are prescribing medications and measures member readmission rates.

Magellan continually heightens outreach efforts and collaboration with health plans, employer groups and state governments to help facilitate the incorporation of these medications into client formularies. Additionally, Magellan offers supporting resources outlining the effectiveness of using appropriate medications when developing members’ substance use disorder treatment plans.

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