Protective Life Insurance Company Introduces New Guaranteed Universal Life Products

Protective Life Insurance Company today announced the recent release of a new line of guaranteed universal life insurance products. The products can be tailored to individual needs, representing a step forward for the industry in providing simple and affordable life insurance solutions.

The lineup includes Protective Custom Choice Universal Life, Protective Advantage Choice Universal Life and Protective Survivor Universal Life, with Protective Custom Choice Universal Life offering options for customized protection, including multiple level benefit coverage durations and the ability to exchange product types without the need for additional medical examinations.

“Life insurance can provide financial protection that everyone needs, though the products have not always been flexible enough to change with the consumer,” said Carolyn Johnson, chief operating officer for Protective Life. “The introduction of this new suite of products offers that needed flexibility and, in the process, demonstrates our Company’s commitment to providing customers with access to important financial products with a focus on innovative solutions that can protect their tomorrows.”

Protective Custom Choice Universal Life is the line’s flagship product and is designed for individuals who want affordable coverage over lifetime or shorter durations, without cash accumulation. It offers flexible options for coverage at the end of the initial benefit period, including the ability to swap products without a new medical exam should needs change during the first 20 years of the policy (up to age 70). For even more customization, customers can also access Protective’s industry-leading riders.

“Protective Custom Choice Universal Life is one of the most unique and consumer-friendly products on the market,” Johnson said. “Its design is a solution to the challenges consumers and agents face when trying to provide for long-term coverage or decreasing protection after an initial level benefit period – all with the ability to plan premiums that stay level for an extended period of time.”

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