Verint Introduces Real-Time Personalized Guidance To Help Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) today announced patent-pending Personalized Guidance as part of its customer-centric Impact 360 ® Workforce Optimization solution. Personalized Guidance provides real-time analytics that help identify root causes and provide in-the-moment guidance to the agent while the customer interaction is in progress. This not only allows agents to adjust “in flight” to meet quality metrics, but also drives insight that can be incorporated into customer experience or process optimization efforts in support of the enterprise’s overarching customer strategies.

Global organizations are leveraging their contact centers not only as a channel to resolve customer issues, but also as a strategic tool to maintain a competitive edge with increased customer response readiness. Within these customer interactions are insights that can drive a company’s ability to strengthen brand perception, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, identify and address process inefficiencies, influence product direction and resolve customer issues. As such, forward-thinking organizations have invested in multi-pronged approaches to help optimize these interactions and improve the overall customer experience. However, in spite of the best intentions, some interactions fail to meet the quality bar.

Turn Around “Suboptimal” Interactions

There can be various reasons for substandard interactions, such as the topic of conversation is new; insufficient time to properly train agents; or a process is irretrievably broken, leading to longer AHTs or drops in first-call resolution (FCR) rates before new solutions are introduced.

Verint technology can drive several key objectives through the use of its solutions. Guidance must be well-defined and part of an integrated platform to produce a consistent outcome in each customer interaction, while also:
  • Identifying Root Cause : Regardless of the issue, managers need analytics tools to identify which interactions merit guidance in the first place. With Personalized Guidance, they can further drill down to determine root causes and in turn, design and implement the “right guidance” at the “right time.”
  • Providing Real-Time Personalized Guidance : Before purposefully interrupting a conversation between an agent and a customer, a solution must have the right guidance at the right time. The wrong guidance at the wrong time can further compromise the very interactions a company is trying to improve.
  • Integrating Results : Once the interaction is complete, the quality of the call and the effectiveness of the guidance must be measured. Key insights can then drive change in workflow, key performance indicators (KPIs), coaching, or processes to further optimize operations and improve the customer experience. Failure to integrate insights derived from interactions that leverage Personalized Guidance can leave organizations unable to track the value of such solutions and identify further areas for improvement.

Benefit from Verint’s Personalized Guidance

Verint’s solutions incorporate real-time Personalized Guidance into an overarching strategy. The following benefits reinforce the importance of identifying the best opportunities for guidance and then incorporating insights derived from calls back into processes and enterprise operations.
  • Delivering the Right Guidance : Apply the same level of discipline that’s applied to all customer experience and workforce optimization (WFO) initiatives to help ensure the guidance that’s being provided helps improve the quality of the interaction.
  • Maximizing Current Investments : Use the tools leveraged for customer experience or WFO initiatives—such as speech analytics, desktop and process analytics, performance management scorecards—to support Personalized Guidance and as a cornerstone to help solve other business challenges.
  • Driving Action with a Unified Solution : The Personalized Guidance offering comprises speech analytics, desktop and process analytics and performance management scorecards, part of a unified platform that consists of other software tools to help identify root cause and drive insights into operations. This complements and supports the strategic initiatives many organizations already have in place, rather than competing with them for time and resources.

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About Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions

Verint ® Enterprise Intelligence Solutions help organizations of all sizes capture and analyze customer interactions, sentiments and trends across multiple channels, improve performance and optimize the customer experience. The solution portfolio includes the Impact 360 ® Workforce Optimization suite and Voice of the Customer software, which serve as strategic enterprise assets for increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, enhancing products and services, reducing operating costs and driving revenue.

About Verint Systems Inc.

Verint ® (NASDAQ: VRNT) is the global leader in Actionable Intelligence ® solutions and value-added services. Its extensive portfolio of Enterprise Intelligence Solutions and Security Intelligence Solutions helps worldwide organizations capture and analyze complex, underused information sources—such as voice, video and unstructured text—to enable more timely, effective decisions. More than 10,000 organizations in 150 countries, including over 85 percent of the Fortune 100, use Verint solutions to improve enterprise performance and make the world a safer place. Headquartered in N.Y. and a member of the Russell 3000 Index, Verint has offices worldwide and an extensive global partner network. Learn more at

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