Dot Hill Lands Leading Storage Role With Framestore

LONGMONT, Colo., Jan. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dot Hill Systems Corp. (Nasdaq:HILL), a provider of world-class storage solutions and software, today announced that its AssuredSAN 3730 arrays have played a key role in the work done by international post-production company Framestore on projects including Lincoln, Sherlock Holmes, Wrath of the Titans, War Horse and the Skyfall movie titles thanks to the systems' high performance and reliability.

Established more than 25 years ago, Framestore has over 600 artists as well as computer scientists, developers and engineers who work together to create impactful imagery for films and advertising campaigns for global high-profile clients including most leading advertising agencies, Hollywood studios, and major household brands.

While delivering Framestore's largest post-production film project currently scheduled for release in 2013, its Chief Technical Officer Steve MacPherson had to devise a new storage strategy and introduce a new near-line solution to cope with the unprecedented volume of data created over the three-year term of this particular film project. The requirement was for a significant amount of the post-production data to be held live and easily accessible while simultaneously retaining the ability to bring additional, unrelated projects online in parallel. The volume of data to be kept live was too large for the company's legacy primary servers and a tape archive could not give required fast data access. After reviewing the options, with the assistance of data storage specialist reseller 101 Data Solutions, MacPherson selected the Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3000 Series.

MacPherson said, "Dot Hill has an excellent reputation for engineering and has given considerable thought to performance. Its systems enabled us to re-engineer how we approach nearline and archiving, enabling us to deliver a solution much more flexible and reactive to production requirements. All of this was delivered under the original budget and has been in production without incident from the day it was brought online. Dot Hill and 101 Data Solutions have been excellent partners, and we are very pleased with our choice."

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