Angry Orchard Cider
Owner: Boston Beer

The makers of Samuel Adams have been cranking out their Crisp, Apple Ginger and Traditional Dry versions of this cider since fall of 2011 while hiding behind the crooked tree on the 12-pack's label.

Boston Beer had tried its hand at cider once before, introducing HardCore Cider in the late '90s, but decided to give it another stab with a more craft spin. The company entrusted cider maker David Sipes with studying ciders and apples from around the world and culling fruit for their new line of ciders from France and Italy.

Boston Beer's gamble paid off as Nielsen ranked Angry Orchard among its Top 10 beer growth brands at the end of 2012. Granted, it grabbed only 0.1% of the market's volume and 0.2% of its share, but just remember that all the cider in the U.S. combined is only 0.2% of the beer market by volume. It's been here less than a year and already holds a huge chunk of the cider market. Angry Orchard has grown into a force of nature with big Sam's beer money behind it.

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