Nuvilex's Subsidiary Files International Patent For All-Natural Flu Virus Treatment

SILVER SPRING, Md., Jan. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB:NVLX), an international biotechnology company providing natural products and cell and gene therapy solutions for the treatment of human diseases, announced today its subsidiary, KnockOut Technologies, Ltd., has filed a patent in Thailand for all-natural product formulations and their potential use in preventing and treating infections caused by influenza viruses.

The initial patent application was filed in January of 2008 and after a lengthy review process it was resubmitted to patent officials in Thailand by our counsel this week. The all-natural formulations described in the patent have the potential to impact upon outbreaks of influenza virus infections. Thailand was chosen for submission of this patent in 2008 as a result of endemic influenza in that region. 

"Seasonal" influenza (flu) is an acute viral infection that can affect all age groups, but children under two years of age, adults over 65, and those with weakened immune systems or with other serious illnesses such as diabetes, chronic heart, lung, and liver diseases, are at the highest risk. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), annual epidemics of seasonal flu result in about 3-5 million cases of severe illness and about 250,000-500,000 deaths worldwide. 

The natural patent formulations contain a mixture of orange oils. In standard laboratory tests used to determine antiviral activity, our formulations containing these ingredients were shown to be effective in killing these flu viruses. 

We believe acceptance of this patent represents an important step in the development of all-natural anti-viral formulations that will ultimately lead to approval by regulatory authorities for the sale of one or more products. Nuvilex has been planning to continue to expand its present work with groups in Thailand to aid in combating viruses particularly in Southeast Asia. The Company hopes to receive approval of the patent within 90-180 days.