Family Room Entertainment (FMYR) Announces An Agreement With Institutional Investors Consulting Company (IICC)

Family Room Entertainment Corp. (FMYR) (OTC Markets: FMYR) is pleased to announce that it has signed a strategic alliance with Institutional Investors Consulting Company (IICC), which will both allow it to develop many new business opportunities and assist to raise whatever additional capital it needs to accomplish FMYR’s objectives. In addition, Leonard Chaikind, the CEO of IICC, has agreed to go on the Board of FMYR in order to help them develop an enhanced business strategy and to bring in additional management and key advisors as required.

IICC is a “do good” merchant bank ( ) headquartered in Houston, Texas. Its CEO (Leonard Chaikind) prior to forming IICC was a senior person with both Shell Oil Company and Royal Dutch Shell. Mr. Chaikind has been interested in the whole arts and media business and is looking forward to helping FMYR meet its objectives.

Family Room Entertainment Corporation’s ( ) plan of operations is and continues to be mainly a full venture film / TV / music entertainment company. FMYR has been engaged in various aspects of the motion picture entertainment industry and currently has a small Library of films in distribution. FMYR plans, at this time, to further produce new Films, TV projects, Music and other entertainment ventures and opportunities. FMYR also plans to further the current film library in areas like internet streaming, 3D format and other new systems.

FMYR is a publicly held company trading on the OTC Markets, symbol “FMYR.” See also

Leonard Chaikind (age 81) is IICC’s oldest webmaster and has been very ably assisted by another more technically oriented webmaster, named Jeremy Chaikind (age 21), who originally did our first web site about 12 years ago.

In addition, we believe that both the For-Profit Companies / Funds / Projects and the Not-For-Profit Projects / Charities that IICC supports are all oriented to our other core Mission which, is  “To make the world a better place to live.” Institutional Investors Consulting Company, Houston, TX 77279 Phone: 713-266-4422

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