Vanadium Market Update (January 9, 2013)

Vanadium prices enjoyed further gains over the holidays, with vanadium pentoxide rising 1.7 percent to settle between US$5.90 and $6.20 per pound.

Vanadium pentoxide prices are now up 18 percent over the last two months since hitting a low of US$5 per pound in October 2012.

The vanadium market has weakened of late as some purchasers “wait and see,” according to However, observers see the price remaining “steady.”

Ferrovanadium prices increased in the US, rising $0.10 to between US$12.50 and $13.50 per pound. European ferrovanadium also rose, up $0.50 to between $27.50 and $28.40 US$/kg vanadium.

Vanadium Market Update (January 9, 2013) from Vanadium Investing News