10 Cities Poised For Greatness in 2013

PORTLAND, Ore. ( TheStreet) -- It's a relatively quiet calendar compared with last year, but amid the relative silence, there are cities waiting for their chance to shine.

Americans were in the throes of a presidential race and the candidates were already decided, but this year is relatively quiet on the political front. The Olympic torch is back in storage after leaving London last summer and won't be trotted out again until the lead-up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, next year.

That doesn't mean there aren't big plans in the works for 2013. Global alliances are shifting, cultural centers are on display and old treasures are getting a new look. Towns daring enough to stray from their same rote holidays, pro sporting events and Chamber of Commerce productions are giving folks a reason to visit, while improving economies provide incentives to stay.

Crack open the calendars, inhale that fresh new year smell and flip through the months to see what cities are poised for a big 2013. If it's not yours, don't worry. There are more exciting years ahead:

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