Universal Bioenergy Executives Convene In Charlotte In Summit For Strategic Plans For 2013

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Universal Bioenergy Inc., (OTCMarkets:UBRG), a publicly traded independent diversified energy company, that markets natural gas, propane, and produces petroleum and coal, announced that its executives from its Irvine headquarters have convened in Charlotte, North Carolina this week for a   business summit to plan its strategic plans and initiatives for 2013 and beyond. The executives of Universal Bioenergy and NDR Energy Group met to develop and refine its long-term business model and strategy, to take advantage of emerging national and global energy market opportunities.

The four days of executive meetings are being held from January 8  through 11. The series of highly focused intensive meetings, planning sessions, and discussions, covered Universal's plans for expansion, NDR Energy's new product offerings, corporate finance, improving its capital structure, marketing plans, new business development, operations and  mergers & acquisitions.

The Company and NDR Energy have set up several new divisions that will expand aggressively into sales of refined petroleum products such as jet/aviation fuel, diesel fuel, lubricants, sales of wholesale and retail electric power, solar equipment and power, registration on several interstate gas pipelines, gas storage services and to expand its base of commercial and industrial customers.

The company is planning to hire additional marketing, sales and management staff to meet its expansion plans for this year. NDR Energy Group has recently hired new marketing and operations professionals  for its new divisions to meet its marketing and sales goals for  this year.

Universal's President Vince M. Guest says,  "This series of executive meetings will give us four days to focus on developing our plans and strategic initiatives for expansion and growth for 2013 and the years ahead. The groundwork and foundation is being laid for a year of greater revenues and strong earnings and profitability. We're very excited about the major  plans for this year. The outlook for the Company is very strong, and we are developing a larger and improved team of professionals to meet these strategic goals and objectives. These meetings and initiatives will allow us to respond very rapidly  to future trends in the global marketplace, and to achieve our expansion plans. We intend to make additional  announcements regarding these meetings and initiatives in the near future."