Toyota Furia

Toyota ( TM) will debut its Furia concept on Monday afternoon with a unique presentation, a custom-built structure housing 30 of Samsung Display's new 46-inch transparent LCD screens. This is what it takes to catch anyone's eye at an auto show media day, where one can easily be trapped, unable to see anything, in a hoard of journalists, all of whom seem to have arrived earlier than you did.

By the way, the requirement to be considered a "journalist" for the purpose of attending the Detroit Auto Show media day is to have written three stories during the past year, so the barrier to entry is not high, especially given that most actual newspaper reporters, admittedly a dying breed, have written three stories during the past day. Toyota said it will be "the first automotive company to use this (Samsung) technology to reveal a vehicle at a major international auto show."

Ed Hellwig said the Furia is "thought to be a lightly massaged version of what will be the Corolla," which is a very high volume car in the very important compact car segment, where the Honda ( HMC)Civic, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze and Hyundai Elantra all compete for consumers who are focused on good gas mileage.

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