Why Google May Buy Ford Someday

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Sometimes I engage in a silly exercise of who might buy whom based strictly on market cap.

In playing the game early this week I noticed Google ( GOOG) is now worth about $240 billion, and Ford Motor ( F) is worth just under $52 billion. Google could buy Ford more than four times over.

The idea sounds ridiculous until you realize how much work Google has been doing on self-driving cars the last few years. Then it just gets far-fetched.

The fact is car companies and tech companies are growing closer. Google now has a deal with Hyundai to put its Google Maps into select vehicles, TalkingPointsMemo reports, starting this year. All car companies have been increasing the amount of electronics in their cars. It's a relatively cheap upgrade that can add significantly to the price and perceived value.

Car companies are also getting more serious about autonomy, which is what they call the way-stations on the way to self-driving cars. At the Consumer Electronics Show this week Toyota's ( TM) Lexus division announced an "active safety" concept car, equipped with lasers, cameras and radar that make a driver more like an airline pilot, reports Automobilemag . Drivers are technically in charge but more and more of the work is being done by the computer.

KPMG has a white paper out on driverless cars . It sees regulatory, design and market changes bringing self-driving cars to the market by 2025.

The KPMG paper is filled with pictures of happy young executives in back seats smiling over iPads, but I think the market reality is different. Once these vehicles become available, I can easily see drunk drivers sentenced to using them, and older drivers being pushed into them by their worried offspring. Even semi-autonomous cars -- like those Toyota is working on now -- might, once they come down in price, be scooped up by driving schools. Those deals might push new drivers toward them.

Avis' ( CAR) recently announced purchase of Zipcar ( ZIP) is another marker on this road. Why should a Zipcar sit at a train station waiting for its driver? Why couldn't it come to you? If it's already coming to you, why couldn't you plug in your destination and just act as a back-up on the way there?

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