Universal Electronics Introduces New Frontier In Universal Control With Groundbreaking Control Plus Technology

Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (NASDAQ:UEIC) today announced availability of its UEI Control Plus platform, a groundbreaking technology that enables a seamless, simplified home entertainment setup and control experience across AV devices. UEI Control Plus combines traditional infrared control technology with emerging control protocols across Internet Protocol (IP) and HDMI with Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) to give users ultimate control of their AV equipment.

Users have long been frustrated with the complicated setup of their AV equipment. Which HDMI port is the DVD player plugged into? What input does the TV need to be on? What mode does the remote need to be on to control the AV receiver? This input and mode confusion translates to numerous support calls to cable operators and CE manufactures, often driving up support costs.

CEC technology works over HDMI to enable control of devices using a single remote. However, this feature often requires that all of the devices in the AV stack system are of the same brand, are HDMI connected, and each device has CEC enabled. Since CEC is not uniformly implemented across brands and devices, this leads to inter-brand compatibility issues.

UEI Control Plus technology has been developed to facilitate simplified control across these different implementations. UEI Control Plus uses CEC when available to automatically sense device type, model, and brand of all devices in the AV stack to enable simplified setup of universal control. Where CEC has missing information, UEI leverages its extensive IR and IP device control database with over 100 metadata tags to find and send the correct control code for the device. During operation, UEI Control Plus technology delivers true one-touch viewing functionality. With a single press of a button, Control Plus software can power up devices, switch to the active input, set audio sources if connected and start content playback to get the user to their favorite show or movie instantly. The UEI Control Plus technology also enables smart device control of all devices in the AV stack via Wi-Fi®. Smartphones, tablets, and smart controllers can be used to enable app based setup and control of the entertainment experience.

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