BROOKINGS, S.D., Jan. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Daktronics (Nasdaq:DAKT) -- Designed with energy efficiency and reliability in mind, the latest generation of Daktronics digital billboards gives outdoor advertisers greater ability to maximize profitability. From its intelligent, energy-efficient design to its catalog of money-saving features, this is the ideal LED billboard solution for outdoor advertising companies of any size.

"We work closely with our customers to discover a clear vision of their goals. This allows us to stay a few steps ahead of market expectations with every new product release," said Jeremy Johnson, Daktronics Key Accounts manager. "With a market that demands 24/7 operation, we must continually find ways to improve our digital billboards by developing innovations that offer increased value and performance for our customers."

Features of the 4200 Series product include:

Reduced Power Consumption:
  • Daktronics has reduced digital billboard power consumption by 50 percent since releasing the 4K series. By using the highest-quality, most energy-efficient parts available and a multi-directional light sensor that dims the billboard appropriately for all ambient light conditions, Daktronics manufactures the industry's most innovative, power-conscious digital billboard.

Remote Power Control:
  • Daktronics partnered with OutdoorLink Inc., incorporating their SmartLink wireless controller. Designed to remotely control and monitor display power, the SmartLink controller provides a bidirectional communication path to Daktronics digital billboards. Its remote shutdown and startup feature is useful during inclement weather, such as a hurricane, and it saves outdoor operators money by eliminating site visits to restore lost communications.

Embedded Controller:
  • Daktronics redesigned the controller to allow it to be placed inside the display cabinet rather than outside, offering a sleeker look and easier servicing. The control system governs hold times and limits content to static images to ensure the digital billboard is sign-code compliant.

Maximized Display Uptime:
  • Daktronics fully seals all billboard modules, power supplies and components, providing complete weather protection. Daktronics digital billboard modules boast an IP-67 protection rating and power supplies follow suit with an IP-66 rating — something no other digital billboard manufacturer offers. Learn more about why an IP-67 rating is important and watch Daktronics climate test video at:

Remote Diagnostics:
  • Daktronics remote diagnostics, powered by IDM (Intelligent Device Management), is used by technicians and service representatives to ensure customers' LED billboards stay in top shape. IDM checks operation points 24 hours a day, surveying hundreds of thousands of data points. The system finds potential errors before they become visible on a display, oftentimes allowing technicians to address a display's health before an outage occurs.

Since entering the digital billboard business in 2001, Daktronics has continued to innovate, bringing the world's most complete product and service solutions to our outdoor advertising customers. We continue to leverage both input from our billboard customers, as well as experiences gained from work across the varied markets we serve, to provide the most capable and reliable digital billboard products. We also offer a unique set of billboard services no other display manufacturer provides. The company's wide range of billboard services such as regulatory assistance, installation management, maintenance, technical and creative services, and complete system monitoring all combine to help meet the unique needs of each outdoor operator.

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Daktronics is the world's largest supplier of large-format LED display systems, including digital LED billboards, large-screen video displays and control systems for sports and commercial venues. The company has built and installed hundreds of thousands of LED displays in more than 100 countries, and offers more than 40 years of dynamic display experience. Daktronics installed its first digital billboard in 2001. For more information about digital billboards, visit:, e-mail the company at, or call toll-free at (800) 325-8766.

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