Smith-Midland Corp. (OTCBB: SMID) J-J Hooks Safety Barrier Passes MASH TL3 Crash Test. (Photo: Smith-Midland Corporation)

The following is a letter from Rodney I. Smith, CEO & Chairman of Smith-Midland Corporation (OTCBB: SMID):
Smith-Midland Corp. (OTCBB: SMID) J-J Hooks safety barrier passes MASH TL3 crash test. (Photo: Smith ...

Smith-Midland Corp. (OTCBB: SMID) J-J Hooks safety barrier passes MASH TL3 crash test. (Photo: Smith-Midland Corporation)

Smith-Midland Corporation (the “Company”) announces a major expansion currently underway for Concrete Safety Systems (CSS), its J-J Hooks Safety Barrier rental subsidiary located in Midland, VA. CSS rents, delivers, installs and removes J-J Hooks Precast Concrete Safety Barrier from its primary location in Midland, VA and from six additional Satellite Service Centers in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and North Carolina.

The CSS expansion centers around the Company’s newest patented version of J-J Hooks Barrier. This new J-J Hooks Bolt-Down, Pin-Down (Bolt & Pin) Barrier is North America’s first and only two Bolt Barrier that has passed the Federal Highway’s demanding MASH Crash Test ( Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) products used in the National Highway System.

This new Barrier passed the MASH Crash Test with the least amount of deflection upon impact, just 4”, of any known barrier system. The highly sought after low deflection and the low cost of the two bolt installation and removal will make this new Barrier the first choice for State and Province highway projects that require Bolt & Pin Barrier.

The new MASH tested Bolt & Pin J-J Hooks Barrier is compatible with the CSS standard free-standing J-J Hooks Barrier, the world’s most widely used precast concrete barrier manufactured at 38 licensed locations in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium, and it will be available to all 38 manufacturers. J-J Hooks is also manufactured in Spain and Chile, and is Germany’s largest selling concrete highway barrier.

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