Porsche Boxster Convertible
Base price: $49,500

Nerad calls the redesigned 2013 Boxster Convertible a "heart-stop version" of Porsche's sexy two-seat sports car.

The third-generation Boxster combines an updated exterior with a larger interior, new LED taillights, fuel-efficient electric-assist steering and bigger wheels and tires for better road grip.

The 2013 version also comes standard with a 265-horsepower six-cylinder engine that's 10 horsepower stronger than its predecessor but uses less gas. A 2013 Boxster with manual transmission gets 24 mpg in combined city/highway driving -- 2 mpg higher than a comparable 2012.

Porsche also boosted the Boxster's aluminum content, cutting some 80 pounds off of the car's weight to improve agility and increase gas mileage.

"We really love the new Boxster," Nerad says. "I can't think of a sweeter car."

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