We miss the continuing improvement in housing and the housing-related stocks, one that won't be derailed by a rancorous debt-ceiling debate and will stay stoked by low rates and affordability, augmented by a gigantic rebuild in the Northeast.

We miss the steep recovery rally in tech with everything from Apple ( AAPL) to Facebook ( FB) on the move, the former because tax-gain selling is over and the latter because numbers may be too low and at last the promise could be realized because of the newfound embrace of mobile opportunities.

We fail to capitalize on what might just be an increase in small businesses now that the cliff cloud has cleared. I keep thinking about the words of Marty Mucci, keeper of the tax bills for so many as CEO of Paychex ( PAYX), that if we just got some certainty, then people will begin to start new businesses again at a pace that used to be rather natural. Well, we have that new level of certainty.

Finally, I keep thinking that there really was a small minority that held our nation hostage in the end, as only 167 members of the House did rebel against a compromise, while 257 were in favor of the compromise. Couldn't the same thing happen again with the debt-ceiling wrangling? Do you sell those dividend stocks again, dump those master limited partnership stocks, the Enterprise Products Partners ( EPD) and the Kinder Morgan Energy Partners ( KMP) that you never should have anyway? Is that the takeaway of the rose garden that sprang from the thorns of the debate?

Throughout my 33 years in the stock market, I have always taken heed of the skeptics but have blocked out the cynics. I have done so because the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 12,000 points lower, and empirically it was the right call. As you know, when I think we are going to take a gigantic hit, as I thought we would in 2008, I am willing to shout it from the rooftops, finding a creative way to get people out of a crowded theater that was certainly on fire, only to bring them back in when the fire was out.

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