More Bogus Apple Doomsday Talk

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I really don't want to write about Apple ( AAPL) every single day, but, given the level of absurdity we're dealing with, I have little choice.

Plus, it feels kind of cool to be the voice of reason for once in my life.

Over at the always excellent All Things D, Liz Gannes tells us that she pretty much never uses iOS apps anymore. As is custom, Business Insider was quick to yell Me, three, noting that it said the same thing two weeks ago.

Here's the thesis: You, like many people, prefer Google ( GOOG) Maps over Apple Maps. And, increasingly, you do not use Apple-developed application software -- everything from Stocks to Calendar to Safari -- in favor of alternatives from a whole slew of developers, including Google.

According to the doomsdayers, this could be the unraveling of Apple, as Google poaches developers, builds great apps for iOS and attacks Apple "from the inside out." BI goes so far as to claim "It's working!"

Here's what we call that where I am from: Shock value.

You and I -- we're probably from the same place, but I must set the record straight.

First, one of the few things Apple keeps somewhat open is its App Store. It wants the highest quality apps from the best developers. It's not running a chop shop like Microsoft ( MSFT) does with Windows Phone Marketplace.

Sure, there's this little urinating contest going on between Apple and Google, but that's all it is. That's one reason why the notion of an aggressive Apple answer to Pandora ( P) makes little or no sense; Apple partners with the companies that develop the outstanding music apps that populate the App Store. Why rock that boat for what will amount to such a small amount of revenue, relative to Apple's core?

Second, as I explained months ago, despite what hedge fund hotshot David Einhorn says, Apple is a hardware company not a software company.

You're not missing some snooty, high-level, Apple snob point here: Hardware sales account for more than 90% of Apple's revenue.

As long as you buy Apple's iPods, iPhones, iPad and Mac computers -- and more than enough people will as long as Apple continues to provide beautiful design, quality construction and a superior user experience -- it really doesn't matter which software you decide to download. Apple doesn't care! If anything is a "hobby" at Apple, it's software.

Yes. You read that right: If anything is a "hobby" at Apple, it's software!

It's not a whole lot different from another reality most people choose to ignore: Apple and ( AMZN) do not compete. They're closer to partners than enemies. (Buzzword alert: Frenemies.) Use your iPad to buy stuff at Amazon, Apple doesn't care. And vice versa.

Please. Somebody. Stop the insanity. Put a halt to the nonsense. Plenty of reasons exist to worry about Apple's future. They're just not relevant to the stock today. And, the more I watch the competition continue to feebly react to Apple's dominance -- not so strategic, even if surface scratch writers call it a strategy -- the more I realize Apple only loses if it beats itself.

--Written by Rocco Pendola in Santa Monica, Calif.
Rocco Pendola is TheStreet's Director of Social Media. Pendola's daily contributions to TheStreet frequently appear on CNBC and at various top online properties, such as Forbes.