Outrage: Politicians, Go Home Already

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I have a pre-New Year's wish, and it involves our elected officials in Washington. It goes like this: "Please go home, and stop the drama." That's right, like so many others, I'm tired of the rhetoric, the talk of heroic last-minute efforts to "help" us avoid the dreaded cliff.

Go home; I'm tired of hearing about all of it. Have a nice New Year's Eve with your families and friends, and give all of us a break for rest of 2012. None of you are serious enough about getting this done effectively, so stop going through the motions. Come to some kind of agreement early in 2013, but please spare us the torture for the next four days. We've had enough. Let us at least try and enjoy the next few days, in what has been a difficult year for many.

When you come back to DC, please get the job the done. Do what you were elected to do.

Don't continue to kick the can down my children's road. Don't continue to pretend that entitlements are not part of the problem. Don't continue to pretend that we won't go bankrupt if you don't take some decisive action. Don't pretend that raising taxes will provide more than a drop in the deficit bucket.

Raise both the Social Security retirement age, and Medicare age on my generation; those in their mid-40s. We are living much longer than when Social Security began back in the 1930s; if you don't want it to completely fail, have the courage to do what you know has to be done. Otherwise, give me what I've paid into Social Security, exempt me from paying in the future, and drop me from the program.

Risk losing re-election, if that's what it takes; you were not elected in the first place for the sole purpose of being re-elected over and over in order to make politics your career. Maybe that's what you had in mind, but many of those who voted for you didn't.

Please at least try and make changes to the tax codes permanent. This uncertainty, year after year, forces individuals and businesses to make decisions they probably should not be making, and delays decisions that should be made. You want businesses to start hiring again? Then stop the uncertainty.

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