MSCI Indices 2012 Performance Results

MSCI Inc. (NYSE: MSCI), a leading provider of investment decision support tools worldwide, today published the year-to-date (YTD) 2012 performance of its MSCI Indices, revealing a vigorous rebound in global equity markets, following the global slowdown experienced in 2011.

Major financial markets worldwide showed healthy double digit returns across all size segments for 2012. The MSCI ACWI Investable Market Index (IMI), comprised of close to 9,000 large, mid and small cap securities across 24 Developed and 21 Emerging Markets countries, for example, delivered a 2012 YTD return of 13.45% versus a loss of -9.87% in 2011.

The MSCI ACWI Small Cap Index bested all other MSCI ACWI index capitalization segments for 2012 YTD, with a return of 15.17% versus returns of 14.21% and 12.99% over the period for the MSCI ACWI Mid Cap and Large Cap Indices, respectively.

MSCI ACWI IMI/Financials outperformed all other global sectors, returning 24.13% for 2012 YTD. Laggard sectors included the MSCI ACWI IMI/Telecommunications Services and MSCI ACWI IMI/Utilities which returned 4.29% and -0.71% for the period.

Developed Markets

Nearly the entire range of country and regional MSCI Developed Markets (DM) Indices delivered strong positive returns for 2012 YTD. The two main MSCI DM flagship indices—the MSCI World Index and MSCI EAFE—returned 13.00% and 13.96%, respectively, while even higher returns prevailed in many European countries and regions. The MSCI EMU and Europe Indices, for example, delivered 2012 YTD returns of 18.34% and 15.87%. The highest DM country performers were all European: the MSCI Belgium Index was at the top, returning 37.58% for 2012 YTD, followed by the MSCI Denmark and Germany Indices, with returns of 30.32% and 28.12%, respectively. The only three DM countries with negative returns for 2012 YTD were the MSCI Spain, Greece and Israel Indices which produced losses of -1.90%, -2.53% and -6.95%, respectively.

The MSCI DM Small Cap Indices outperformed their mid and large cap counterparts across the majority of countries and regions for 2012 YTD. The MSCI Europe Small Cap Index returned 25.76% (nearly 10% more than the MSCI Europe Index), for example, while the MSCI World Small Cap Index produced a return of 14.75% over the period.

Emerging Markets

The MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) Indices posted a slightly wider range of positive results relative to the Developed Markets. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index returned 14.52% for 2012 YTD, which was somewhat below average in comparison to its constituent regions and countries. The top performing region was the MSCI EM Eastern Europe ex Russia Index which provided a 25.62% return for 2012 YTD, followed by the MSCI EM Europe Index with a 20.46% return for the period. The three stand-out performers among the Emerging Markets countries were the MSCI Turkey, Egypt and Philippines Indices, with 2012 YTD returns of 60.59%, 46.90% and 43.17%, respectively. The MSCI Czech Republic, Brazil and Morocco Indices were the only Emerging Markets countries to deliver negative 2012 YTD results, with returns of -3.49%, -4.37% and -16.15%.

Reinforcing the global small cap dominance trend, the MSCI EM Small Cap Index outperformed its large- and mid-cap sibling (the MSCI EM Index), returning 18.56% for 2012 YTD.

Frontier Markets

The MSCI Frontier Markets Indices produced the most widely dispersed results for 2012 YTD. The MSCI Frontier Markets Index returned 4.60% over the period. The MSCI Frontier Markets Africa Index was the top-performing regional Frontier Markets index, delivering a 2012 YTD return of 44.88%. The top three single country Frontier Markets index performers for 2012 YTD included the MSCI Kenya, Nigeria and Estonia Indices which posted returns of 54.16%, 52.82%, and 44.98%, respectively. More than half of the FM countries delivered negative 2012 YTD returns. The bottom performers were the MSCI Bulgaria, Argentina, and Ukraine Indices with 2012 YTD returns of -32.78%, -37.49% and -49.33%, respectively.

Historical index levels for the full range of MSCI Indices are available at

1 All year-to-date (YTD) 2012 index performance data is based on price index levels in USD for the periods 1 January 2012 – 27 December 2012.

MSCI Indices Performance Table—YTD 2012
Index   YTD 2012 1 Jan 2012 – 27 Dec 2012         2011    
MSCI All Country (AC) Indices    
MSCI ACWI IMI/Financials   24.13%         -20.61%    
MSCI Zhong Hua Index 2   20.07%         -19.72%    
MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Index   18.72%         -19.16%    
MSCI AC Far East ex Japan Index   18.34%         -16.78%    
MSCI AC Europe Index   16.09%         -14.45%    
MSCI ACWI Small Cap Index   15.17%         -12.75%    
MSCI ACWI Mid Cap Index   14.21%         -11.25%    
MSCI ACWI Investable Market Index (IMI)   13.45%         -9.87%    
MSCI ACWI Index   13.19%         -9.41%    
MSCI ACWI Large Cap Index   12.99%         -9.05%    
MSCI ACWI IMI/Telecom Services   4.29%         - 5.02%    
MSCI ACWI IMI/Utilities   -0.71%         -6.79%    
MSCI Developed Markets (DM) Indices    
MSCI Belgium Index   37.58%         -12.55%    
MSCI Denmark Index   30.32%         -16.83%    
MSCI Germany Index   28.12%         -20.05%    

2 The MSCI Zhong Hua Index captures large and mid cap representation across China securities available to non-domestic investors and includes: China H shares, B shares, Red chips and P chips, together with China securities listed on the Hong Kong exchange.
MSCI Developed Markets (DM) Indices, cont.            
MSCI Europe Small Cap Index             25.76%             -21.94%            
MSCI Nordic Countries Index             19.27%             -19.80%            
MSCI Pacific ex Japan Index             19.22%             -16.25%            
MSCI Europe ex UK Index             18.61%             -17.63%            
MSCI EMU Index             18.34%             -20.15%            
MSCI Europe Index             15.87%             -13.82%            
MSCI USA Small Cap Index             14.94%             -4.35%            
MSCI World Small Cap Index             14.75%             -10.49%            
MSCI EAFE Index             13.96%             -14.82%            
MSCI World Index             13.00%             -7.61%            
MSCI USA Index             12.86%             -0.11%            
MSCI Spain Index             -1.90%             -16.90%            
MSCI Greece Index             -2.53%             -63.59%            
MSCI Israel Index             -6.95%             -29.79%            
MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) Indices            
MSCI Turkey Index             60.59%             -36.78%            
MSCI Egypt Index             46.90%             -48.78%            
MSCI Philippines Index             43.17%             -3.17%            
MSCI EM Eastern Europe ex Russia Index             25.62%             -29.98%            
MSCI EM Europe & Middle East IMI             21.22%             -26.46%            
MSCI EM Europe Index             20.46%             -25.33%            
MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap Index             18.56%             -28.78%            
MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) Index             14.52%             -20.41%            
MSCI Brazil Index             -4.37%             -24.85%            
MSCI Czech Republic Index             -3.49%             -11.29%            
MSCI Morocco Index             -16.15%             -18.75%            
MSCI Frontier Markets (FM) Indices            
MSCI Kenya Index             54.16%             -30.61%            
MSCI Nigeria Index             52.82%             -18.73%            
MSCI Estonia Index             44.98%             -28.79%            
MSCI FM Africa Index             44.88%             -19.76%            
MSCI Frontier Markets (FM) Index             4.60%             -22.14%            
MSCI Bulgaria Index             -32.78%             -29.80%            
MSCI Argentina Index             -37.49%             -42.64%            
MSCI Ukraine Index             -49.33%             -45.81%            

About MSCI

MSCI Inc. is a leading provider of investment decision support tools to investors globally, including asset managers, banks, hedge funds and pension funds. MSCI products and services include indices, portfolio risk and performance analytics, and governance tools.

The company’s flagship product offerings are: the MSCI indices with close to USD 7 trillion estimated to be benchmarked to them on a worldwide basis 1; Barra multi-asset class factor models, portfolio risk and performance analytics; RiskMetrics multi-asset class market and credit risk analytics; IPD real estate information, indices and analytics; MSCI ESG (environmental, social and governance) Research screening, analysis and ratings; ISS governance research and outsourced proxy voting and reporting services; FEA valuation models and risk management software for the energy and commodities markets; and CFRA forensic accounting risk research, legal/regulatory risk assessment, and due‐diligence. MSCI is headquartered in New York, with research and commercial offices around the world.

1 As of March 31, 2012, as published by eVestment, Lipper and Bloomberg in September, 2012.

For further information on MSCI, please visit our web site at

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