Being such a public persona with strong opinions, he is often the target of criticism. I admire the way he accepts that criticism like a man and the manner in which he fights back with facts and figures, and with such an immense and rich reservoir of financial history and knowledge.

Over the past several years, in numerous emails, telephone calls and one-on-one meetings (on and off the set), I have learned to appreciate Jim as an investment professional -- and, more important, as a man and as a dad. His drive for perfection has resulted in huge sacrifices. But you wouldn't know it, because he doesn't say it. Jim could easily be reaping the benefits of managing a multibillion dollar hedge fund today, earning an annual salary of tens of millions, and maybe more. Instead, he strives to educate the individual investor.

How many of us would choose the route that Jim has traveled?

I remember fondly when I first wrote "Jim Cramer's Pool," and Jim told me that he read this poem to his two daughters at bedtime. It made me very happy, and made my gig on TheStreet was made even more worthwhile, because I know how central they are to his life.

If you look hard and Jimmy -- at the twinkle in his eye -- it's all about his daughters and their importance and influence in his life.

To turn Gertrude Stein's words around, in Jimmy, there is a lot of there there. Trust me, I know -- Jim is complicated. It is that what makes Jim the unique person he is.

So, from the Anti-Cramer to the one and only real Cramer, this Bud's for you, Jimmy. Thanks for being my pal.

But before I deliver this year's version of "Jim Cramer's Pool," I wanted to close by wishing our subscribers, editors, technicians, management and fellow contributors a healthy and prosperous New Year. I especially wanted to thank you all for granting me the wonderful platform to present my ideas and logic in my Diary -- as goofy, distorted and wrong-footed as my words might seem at times.

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