4. Little Fockers
Year released: 2010
Christmas Day take: $14.57 million

3. Meet The Fockers
Year released: 2004
Christmas Day take: $19.5 million

The Ben Stiller/Robert DeNiro vehicle Meet The Parents centered around Stiller's tense first visit to his future in-laws' place was a subtle comedic surprise when it debuted in October 2000. The more than $160 million it brought in during its U.S. run guaranteed the sequels that followed wouldn't be.

First someone at the studio decided that the funniest thing about the first movie was Stiller's character's name, Gaylord Focker. Then Dustin Hoffmann and Barbara Streisand were added to the mix as Stiller's parents in 2004. Throw in twin children six years later, add some jokes about erectile dysfunction and cats being flushed down the toilet and moviegoers are left with a franchise that's had every possible dollar and endearing element wrung out of it.

They know it, too. While Meet The Fockers was the most successful film of the 2004 holiday season, Little Fockers finished well behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Tangled, Tron Legacy and True Grit for the 2010 holiday's top spot.

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