Marissa Mayer 'Flickrs' Apple, Apple Fleeces Wal-Mart?

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Over the weekend, I visited the Apple ( AAPL) Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Picked up an iPad mini, snapped some photos, posted them on Twitter and wrote an article about massive throngs of gluttons, rank-and-file over-consumers gorging themselves on Apple products.

I started a mini flood -- we're talking somebody left the bathroom faucet on -- of folks from around the country posting their Apple Store traffic pictorials and verbal observations. Talk about tech geek Twitter porn.

The consensus: Those analysts who reduced estimates and lowered price targets on Apple the other morning should be ashamed. Will Citi upgrade AAPL when it hits the firm's new $575 price target OR will it tell us it strayed from convention and used a 1-month, not 1-year time horizon?

Anyway, no mere mortal creates a buzz like Yahoo! ( YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer can.

She Flickr'd (or is it Flickered or Flickrd?) a photo of the very same Apple Store I was in over the weekend, except she snapped and posted it right around 11 p.m. EST Tuesday night. Of course, Twitter went abuzz. I'm shocked Mayer can even walk the streets of New York City without getting stopped every second for an autograph.

Maybe she can pull off a Springsteen and somehow manage to stay under the radar, but, in my book, she deserves rock star status. Give it up! She's a brand new mom, first-time CEO and she's doing things at Yahoo! that might actually wake the rest of the broad tech/Internet/new media sector from its relative, barely innovative slumber.

Of course, Mayer used Flickr to post her picture. Important Side Note ALERT: This is how great -- yes great -- CEOs roll. You can't tell me that when she was joining Yahoo! Mayer hadn't heard rumblings of something happening in this whole Facebook ( FB)/Twitter/Instagram ménage à trois. Maybe she did not know specifics, but her ear scrapes the ground in a big way. She made Flickr a top and immediate priority at Yahoo! for a reason. And now she's snapping a picture using the platform in the middle of the world's greatest city at the flagship store of the world's greatest company.

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