A company match of your 401(k) contributions amounts to free money for your retirement savings. So if your employer has recently changed its policy or you haven't reviewed your 401(k) terms recently, 2013 is a great time to re-examine your contributions.

6. Rethink cable

Considered indispensable by TV fans a few years ago, cable television has encountered serious competition recently. Streaming video services, such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, offer a compelling alternative to cable -- perhaps even compelling enough for you to drop cable entirely.

But if you aren't ready to go cold-turkey on cable, downgrading to a cheaper package may allow you to test the waters of cable alternatives while still keeping some cable. Given the relatively low cost of some streaming video services, you may still net an overall savings.

7. Think about digital subscriptions

Gartner Research forecasts that 2012 tablet sales will nearly double 2011 figures. If you regularly spend time on a tablet and still subscribe to print magazines, the time may be right to turn some of your subscriptions digital.

Digital subscriptions are typically cheaper than printed versions, and the latest issues arrive sooner. So unless the tactile experience of glossy paper is worth the extra cost to you -- not that there's anything wrong with that -- examining your favorite magazines' digital options is a good idea.

In a world where technology routinely uproots tradition, there's little sense in ignoring new ways to strengthen your finances. But new or old, any technique you use to build savings will only be as effective as your resolve to avoid spending more elsewhere. Some things never change.