Tim Cook Produces 'The Next Big Thing'

I understand long-term Apple bearishness. It makes sense to feel and express concern that Apple can't possibly keep the magic alive post-Steve Jobs. But, to root for Apple to fail like so many haters do just doesn't make any sense.

Here's a company that's good for America. Sure it keeps tons of cash overseas (who doesn't?) and builds most everything in Asia (though that's about to change), but let's face it, there's something to be said for Designed by Apple in California.

The same type of person who hates Apple -- and roots for it to fail -- probably hates California. But, seriously people, without Apple and California, your life would be less rich. You would still listen to music, watch television and movies, compute, take pictures, share them and operate a phone all day long -- maybe even a "smartphone" -- but you would not do it quite the same way.

Even if you do not use Apple devices, the company touches your life. That Kindle or Galaxy or Nexus or Surface or Lumia or ultrabook or whatever knock-off piece of plastic they can't make look like metal you use -- that's got Apple's inspiration, even if it sucks, written all over it.

If Apple falls from grace and dominance, that's another dent in America's armor. We're worried about losing our competitive edge. Well, we take a giant step back if Apple fails. And who would be left to set such a high bar for the rest of tech to strive for?

The Fiscal Cliff Does No Damage

We already inflict enough pain on ourselves and one another in this society. While "only" a few souls lose their minds and commit mass murder each year and disrespect for life exists in a relatively small number of people, you or somebody you love is only the wrong time and the wrong place away from becoming a victim.

It's an uncertain, anxiety-provoking world we live in. One that's filled with things we wish we could control but we can't -- gun violence, earthquakes, hurricanes, cancer.

When there's something brewing that impacts upon the livelihoods of millions that we, together as a collective, can control, we should damn well control it!

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