NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Debra Borchardt: Coinstar ( CSTR) has thrown down the gauntlet. They are going to start with an Internet streaming business in movies really going after Netflix ( NFLX). Jim, is this it for Netflix because Moody's ( MCO) said, 'Listen, they've downgraded, not too terribly, but it did down grade them.' Said they were stable, but.

Jim: On the air I'm talking with David Faber about Netflix, and how Morgan Stanley ( MS)says good things and...

Debra Borchardt: In October they upgraded them.

Jim: Yeah, and Netflix is here to stay and that Disney ( DIS)deal says they're here to stay, and it is obvious that we're now getting in a situation where you're going have a lot of options to be able to look at. There's the Verizon ( VZ)option. There's the Comcast ( CMCSA)on Demand option. There's the Netflix option. There's the iTunes option. I find that it's a crowd market and I'm not as bullish on this group as others. I thought that Rocco Pendola had a really good piece questioning the Netflix, whether he paid more for Netflix, but doesn't Netflix have to pay more for content and have to raise money, and I find that this is a total battleground.

Debra Borchardt: Well, that's the expectation out of it. Netflix is going to have raise capital right now.

Jim: Right. So the stock goes higher and then you start thinking, well maybe Morgan Stanley knows that they need to raise money and they're going to do the secondary,and you get cynical. You get cynical when actually you read the report, and the report just says Netflix is here to stay. It's a very good report.

Debra Borchardt: We love them - now can we be your banker?

Jim: You know, when you go buy a TiVO, on the remote is Netflix. There's a button that says Netflix. That's here to stay. Now TiVO is here to stay, there's one for TiVO. But the difference is that Netflix is loved. It does have a huge number of subscribers.

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