On partnering:

"We're getting a lot of interest in this program... but we don't need to partner. We expect a partner to be flexible and give us the structure that we're looking for. It's hard to time a potential deal or if one will happen, but with the financing, we are in a strong negotiating position."

Garabedian also confirmed that if Sarepta does a deal, it will more than likely be an ex-U.S. partnership that encompasses the company's entire exon-skipping drug program.

"We're not taking eteplirsen off the table but a potential partner has to buy into the reproducibility of the eteplirsen data for the follow-on exon-skipping programs... We believe eteplirsen significantly de-risks the development of follow-on exon-skipping drugs and makes the entire program highly leverageable. A partner has to buy into that and bring the right economic terms to the table."

On future disclosure of additional eteplirsen data:

"We're right now figuring out how to communicate expectations for 2013. The JP Morgan conference will likely be the venue where I tell investors what to expect from us in 2013. Right now, we're not giving any guidance on if 74-week eteplirsen data will be shared.

Garabedian will speak to investors at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference on Weds. Jan. 9.

On being nominated for the Best Biotech CEO of 2012 award:

"I was humbled, especially since my mentor John Martin Gilead Sciences' ( GILD) CEO is on the list, too. It was a heady experience for me to be mentioned alongside him."

On being told that he's not likely to win the Best Biotech CEO of 2012 award:

"Like they say at the Academy Awards, it's an honor just to be nominated."

-- Reported by Adam Feuerstein in Boston.

Adam Feuerstein writes regularly for TheStreet. In keeping with company editorial policy, he doesn't own or short individual stocks, although he owns stock in TheStreet. He also doesn't invest in hedge funds or other private investment partnerships. Feuerstein appreciates your feedback; click here to send him an email.

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