If you read last week's column, then Intel ( INTC) may look like a familiar chart -- but it's worth taking another look today given the trigger that took place in shares this week.

Last week, Intel looked like it was bottoming in the short-term. A break above $20 was the buy signal -- and we saw that price get taken out definitively in yesterday's trading session. Now, the setup is more significant because of the falling wedge that's also triggering on the move. The falling wedge is formed by converging downtrend lines, and despite its appearance, it's a bullish pattern. In fact, one study puts the pattern's ability to spot a reversal at more than 90%.

Obviously, this isn't a setup that you want to get in on early, since a stock can continue to fall within the wedge while investors wait for a breakout. But since Intel's breakout already happened yesterday, buyers have a good chance at a low-risk entry today. If you decide to be a buyer here, just make sure you keep a tight stop.

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