No. 4: Starbucks

Yes, I am in love with Starbucks ( SBUX) the stock, the company and its mobile app. Not ashamed to admit it.

It's short and sweet -- they have made an addictive app that's incredibly helpful, particularly when traveling.

You get through security. You have dressed yourself again and secured your key belongings in their proper places. Not sure about you, but the last thing I want to do is pull my wallet out of my pocket. Debit card. Bills. Change. Whatever. It's all a major pain.

I typically have my phone in hand. Bingo. Effortless payment for a cup of tea with the Starbucks mobile app. It will be a beautiful thing when Square and others finally breaks out and provides this option across retail.

No. 3: KICKMap

Takes me about 10 seconds to verify the train to take and when I need to take it to travel from TheStreet's headquarters to the Fifth Avenue/Central Park Apple store.

Largely because of its intuitive grid, I'm pretty good with addresses in Manhattan; however, if you know of a solid subway app that recognizes locations without the need for an address, station or major intersection, let me know in the comments.

I like KICKMap so much I just stopped looking for alternatives. It's accuracy, re: train times, etc., makes up for a lack of bells and whistles.

No. 2: Frequency

I haven't actually used this one while traveling yet, but I'm 99.9% certain it will end up a go-to app for that purpose.

Frequency works like this: You hook it up to Facebook ( FB) to kick things off. It pulls videos your friends posted and populates your Frequency feed with them.

You can then micro-customize this feed from trending stories, top stories and subject areas such as politics, sports and tech. In each category, you can select different media outlets to include in your Frequency feed.

Simply put, Frequency lets you keep up on the news, as well as the fluff, you care about. When I travel, I want to keep up, but I do not necessarily have the time or inclination to hole up in my hotel room watching television. There's generally no time for that; but with this app, you can do it on the go or at random moments. It works.

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