Certain Morgan Stanley Closed-End Funds Declare Year-End Dividends

Each of the Morgan Stanley closed-end funds listed below (the “Funds”) today declared the following dividends.




Name of Closed-End Fund  

NYSE Ticker

Net Investment Income Per Share

Long-Term Capital Gains Per Share

Morgan Stanley Asia-Pacific Fund, Inc.
  APF   $0.101131   --

Morgan Stanley EmergingMarkets Debt Fund, Inc.


Morgan Stanley EmergingMarkets Domestic DebtFund, Inc.


Morgan Stanley EmergingMarkets Fund, Inc.
  MSF   $0.082102   --

The Latin AmericanDiscovery Fund, Inc.
  LDF   $0.121492   $0.279948

The Turkish InvestmentFund, Inc.
  TKF   $0.227626   --

For more information call: 1-800-231-2608.

*The amount of net investment income to be paid by the Funds is determined in accordance with federal income tax regulations. It is possible that all or a portion of the Funds’ fiscal year 2012 dividend may be a return of capital and that determination cannot yet be made.

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