Too Much Ice

"I'm a sucker for outdoor candles -- so pretty and sparkly! But those sand-weighted paper-bag luminaries scare me. So a few years ago, when I saw directions for making ice lanterns, I had to try it out.

What a mess. In freezing weather, outdoors, you're supposed to fill clean plastic milk jugs with water, and then set in weighted cans. Of course, the outdoor faucets are turned off, so this involves slopping water in and out the back door. Once these things are frozen solid, somehow you are supposed to unwedge the cans resulting in a space for a candle, surrounded by thick walls of ice. How are you supposed to get a frozen can out of a block of ice, wearing mittens? In the cold? You can't heat it up. I tried pulling, wiggling, and smacking and what I ended up with was an ice field.

Lesson learned: water + cold = ice. In this case, fire and ice don't mix."

Joanne Cleaver

Don't Let This Happen to You

We think Joanne has said it all: Just don't do it.

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