Jillian Michaels Weight Loss

A third of Americans are obese, so it's not surprising that losing pounds is a popular goal. Stay away from those donuts...and hit the gym! Ok, easier said than done.

Fortunately, there are apps to help you. Jillian Michaels, of Biggest Loser fame, has a good one.

Download "Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Plan." Use the "meal plan" and "fitness plan" to keep you on track.

Use the planner to find recipes for healthy dining. There are some tasty-looking options. I'll definitely be making the "apple berry banana smoothie." Register for free to track your daily calories and exercise.

As far as exercise goes, video tutorials show you how to do your workout. Listen to Jillian tell you firsthand exactly what you need to do. Hey, it worked for the Biggest Losers!

The free app is compatible with Apple's ( AAPL) iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, but requires iOS 5.0 or later. It is also available for Google's ( GOOG) Android operating system.

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