Siemens To Market BioPorto's Breakthrough Kidney Test

GENTOFTE, Denmark, Dec. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Expectations for BioPorto Diagnostics have been high since the company launched its anticipated blockbuster product almost two years ago - the kidney injury test known as NGAL. Since then, BioPorto has worked towards solutions that would ensure broad and early market access to the test. In this regard, the first partnership on a global marketing level is now in place. This comes in the form of an informal sales partnership with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics actively promoting BioPorto's NGAL test, while the distribution still flows through BioPorto's sales channels.

The agreement translates into excellent synergy in that Siemens is one of the world's largest suppliers of precisely the type of analyzers that BioPorto's The NGAL Test(tm) is designed to run on. The partnership creates a win-win scenario for the companies and customers. Siemens will have access to a test that their customers demand and a strategic advantage over competitors who do not offer NGAL in their test portfolios. Siemens analyzers are widely used in hospital laboratories, which ensures that the test will be economical to implement and readily available to doctors worldwide. From BioPorto's point of view, it is hard to think of a faster and more convenient way to reach customers.

Such an informal but bespoke partnership between a reagent supplier (BioPorto) and an instrument supplier (Siemens) is far from unique in the diagnostic industry. Introduction of a new diagnostic test is a long and tough process, and being first-to-market can be crucial.

But Siemens are not the only one who has set their sights on BioPorto's breakthrough test. Roche Diagnostics also confirmed their interest in NGAL and BioPorto continues to discuss possibilities for collaboration with more leading diagnostic companies.

About NGAL - the acute kidney injury test