â¿¿ AMGEN ACQUISITION â¿¿ Biotech pioneer Amgen Inc., in a bid for a big edge in using people's genetic information to find better ways to attack diseases, is buying human genetics research and analytics leader deCODE Genetics for $415 million.

â¿¿ GERMANY-OPEL â¿¿ GM's Opel to end car production at German plant in 2016, but a slimmed-down factory may still make components.


ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. â¿¿ Nothing says "Jersey shore" like a boardwalk. But Superstorm Sandy wrecked the coast's fabled wooden walkways, a major economic engine for shoreline communities in New Jersey and New York. Towns are racing to rebuild their boardwalks in time for the summer tourist season. By Wayne Parry.

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SEOUL, South Korea â¿¿ Moon Tae-Hwa stares at his computer, dizzy and nauseous from the hours of porn he's viewed online while his wife and children slept. He feels no shame â¿¿ only a righteous sense of mission. "I feel like I'm cleaning up dirty things," he says. Moon is among the most successful members of a squad of nearly 800 volunteers who help government censors by patrolling the Internet for pornography. Unlike most developed nations, pornography is illegal in South Korea, though it remains easy for its tech-savvy population to find. By Hyung-jin Kim.

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WASHINGTON â¿¿ The government is investigating whether software companies that make cellphone apps have violated the privacy rights of children by quietly collecting personal information from phones and sharing it with advertisers and data brokers. Such apps can capture a child's physical location, phone numbers of their friends and more. By Richard Lardner.

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â¿¿ DUBAI-INTERNET CONFERENCE â¿¿ U.S. facing pressures from backers of greater Internet controls at United Nations telecommunications conference in Dubai.

â¿¿ SWITZERLAND-STMICROELECTRONICS â¿¿ Europe's largest chipmaker, STMicroelectronics, plans to exit its money-losing joint venture with Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson.

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