No inhibitors were detected and no cases of anaphylaxis were reported in any patients. Three treatment-related adverse events were reported in 2 of the 73 (2.7%) patients, all of which were mild and transient: dysgeusia (distortion of the sense of taste) occurred twice in one patient and pain in extremity occurred once in another patient. More than 70 percent of subjects (56 of 73) had 50 or more exposure days to BAX 326 during the study.

''As a company committed to advancing care for people with hemophilia for more than 60 years, Baxter continues to deliver significant innovation in the field of hemophilia. If it is approved, BAX 326 will expand treatment options for patients,'' said Prof. Harmut J. Ehrlich, M.D., vice president of global research and development in Baxter’s BioScience business.

To continue on its path of innovation, earlier this year Baxter announced a partnership with Chatham Therapeutics, LLC to develop a gene therapy-based treatment for hemophilia B. Gene therapy represents another important area of research that may become the future of hemophilia B treatment.

About Hemophilia B

Hemophilia B is the second most common type of hemophilia (also known as Christmas disease) and is the result of insufficient amounts of clotting factor IX, a naturally occurring protein in blood that controls bleeding. 1 Approximately 25,000 people worldwide, including more than 4,000 in the U.S., have been diagnosed with hemophilia B. 2 Hemophilia B is often a debilitating, chronic disease with complications that include bleeding episodes, hemophilic arthropathy (bleeding into a joint) and hospitalization. 3

About Baxter in Hemophilia

Baxter has more than 60 years experience in hemophilia and has introduced a number of therapeutic firsts for hemophilia patients. Baxter has the broadest portfolio of hemophilia treatments in the industry and is able to meet individual therapy choices, providing a range of options at each treatment stage. The company’s work is focused on optimizing hemophilia care and improving the lives of people living with hemophilia A and B worldwide.

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