Amicus: Bullish Options Trade Into Clinical Trial Catalysts

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Amicus Therapeutics ( FOLD) has several phase II and phase III clinical trial catalysts over the next months that, if positive, could provide fuel for fairly large share-price appreciation on top of the 70% gains already seen in the stock year-to-date. Adam Feuerstein wrote a preview of the Amigal phase III monotherapy trial in Fabry disease last Friday.

Options currently imply a $2.50 move in the shares -- $8.30 on the upside, $3.30 on the downside. An interesting, near-term, bullish trade with good risk reward is the following:

Buy 100 JAN 5.0 strike Calls at 1.95 = $19,500
Sell 200 JAN 7.5 strike Calls at 1.10 = $(22,000)
Buy 100 JAN 10.0 strike Calls at 0.50 = $5,000

Initial Trade P&L = $2,500 Debit

This is a JAN expiration Call Butterfly (long.) Total risk is defined and equal to $2,500 and occurs if Amicus shares trades below $5 and above $10 by Jan. 19 expiration. The trade breaks even at $5.25 per share and $9.75 per share. Maximum return is $22,500 if Amicus shares hit $7.50 by expiration, which represents a risk/reward of 9 times.

Pelz has no position in Amicus.

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Tony Pelz was a trader on a major European bank's proprietary trading desk, responsible for a portfolio with limits of more than $200 million. Prior to proprietary trading, Pelz worked with several global investment banks in roles ranging from corporate finance, M&A to credit and business development. He is author of The Biotech Trader Handbook, 2nd Edition, co-founder of the small-cap biotech research and trading site Chimera Research Group and operator of Pelz currently resides in Denver, Colorado where he trades for his own account.