Washington Gas Energy Services Offers Southeastern Pennsylvania Communities Up To $2,500 In Incentives For Purchases Of WGES PA WindPower

Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES) today announced the launch of the PA WindPower Campaign, www.pawindpowercampaign.com, a community-based marketing campaign that rewards Pennsylvania communities in the PECO territory when WGES PA WindPower is purchased. WGES PA WindPower is a new electricity product offered by WGES that is sourced exclusively from Pennsylvania wind.

The PA WindPower Campaign will invite 25 pre-selected municipalities to compete for ten 1kW micro-wind turbines. Other municipalities will be offered up to $2,500 in financial incentives. Each municipality that accepts the Campaign challenge and achieves defined program milestones will be recognized as a Pennsylvania WindPower Community. Participating commercial customers who purchase WGES PA WindPower will also have the opportunity to receive financial incentives or help their municipality earn rewards.

To manage the PA WindPower Campaign, WGES has contracted with SmartPower, an organization with a successful track record of promoting clean energy and energy efficiency.

“WGES PA WindPower is the latest addition to our portfolio of innovative green products,” said Harry Warren, President, Washington Gas Energy Services. “Customers who choose WGES PA WindPower will improve local air quality while supporting the Pennsylvania economy.”

The goal of the PA WindPower Campaign is to attract 5,000 Pennsylvania residents, small businesses, municipalities as well as other organizations to sign up for WGES PA WindPower.

When the PA WindPower Campaign reaches its customer goal, it will be the equivalent of:
  • Removing 7,000 cars from Pennsylvania roads for one year; or
  • Saving 4,000,000 gallons of gasoline; or
  • Planting 84,000 trees; or
  • Removing nearly 38,000 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

“The challenge is on,” said SmartPower President Brian F. Keane. “We’ve seen Pennsylvania lead on clean energy over the past decade. With the launch of the PA WindPower Campaign, we predict that Pennsylvania will continue to lead the country to a clean energy future. Time to sign up now!”

About Washington Gas Energy Services, Inc.

Washington Gas Energy Services, Inc. is one of the largest competitive providers of electricity and natural gas in the mid-Atlantic region and supplies more than 350,000 customers in Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and Virginia. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) named WGES the Green Power Supplier of the Year in the non-utility category. Headquartered in Herndon, Va., Washington Gas Energy Services is an affiliate of Washington Gas and a subsidiary of WGL Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:WGL). www.wges.com or www.pawindpowercampaign.com.

Overview – PA WindPower Campaign

Become a PA WindPower Community

The PA WindPower Campaign will help residents, municipalities, civic organizations and other commercial customers realize their mission of cleaner air, carbon reduction and a healthier environment by using power sourced exclusively from Pennsylvania wind.

To qualify as a PA WindPower Community, municipalities will:
  • Sign a municipal resolution partnering with the PA WindPower Campaign
  • Purchase WGES PA WindPower for at least 50% of their municipal electricity use
  • Sign up 5% of the households or 5% of the small businesses in their municipality to purchase 100% WGES PA WindPower


Sign up 10% of the households or 10% of the small businesses in their municipality to purchase 50% WGES PA WindPower


Sign up a combination of 5% and 10% purchases with 100% WGES PA WindPower and 50% WGES PA WindPower

Rules for Participation
  • The Pennsylvania WindPower Campaign is from November 30, 2012 to November 29, 2013.
  • All purchase contracts must be signed prior to November 29, 2013. Contracts signed after November 29, 2013 will not qualify for the financial rewards or micro-wind turbine (“the incentives”). Customers must be enrolled with WGES PA WindPower for 90 days in order to qualify for and receive the incentives.
  • Participating municipalities will be notified by the Campaign when they earn the 1kW micro-wind turbine.
  • Installation of the 1kW micro-wind turbine will be paid for by the Campaign.

Each PA WindPower Community will receive a municipal plaque in recognition of their leadership. They will also be eligible for one of two incentives outlined below.

Financial Rewards

When a municipality, business, non-profit organization or school purchases at least 50% WGES PA WindPower for their electricity use and becomes a partner with the PA WindPower Campaign, each will become eligible for financial rewards of up to $2,500, including:
  • $2.50 per customer purchasing the 50% WGES PA WindPower Product
  • $5.00 per customer purchasing the 100% WGES PA WindPower Product

Earn a Micro-Wind Turbine

The PA WindPower Campaign will award 1 kW micro-wind turbines to up to ten leading municipalities who become PA WindPower Communities.

The Campaign will invite 25 select municipalities to join the PA WindPower Campaign and earn the chance to win a FREE 1kW micro-wind turbine for their community. Of these communities, the first ten to reach their municipal and customer milestones will receive a 1kW micro wind turbine. The other 15 municipalities will be eligible for the financial rewards described above.
  • All municipalities that meet the minimum wind purchase requirements will be recognized as a PA WindPower Community demonstrating their leadership with wind power.
  • Once a municipality meets its campaign milestone to qualify for the micro-wind turbine, it will then participate to earn financial rewards.

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