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Taiwan Semiconductor ( TSM)

Background: Taiwan Semiconductor engages in computer-aided designing, manufacturing, packaging, testing, and selling integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices; and manufacturing masks.

52-Week Range: $12.14 to $16.97

Book Value: $4.45

Price To Book: 3.7

Earnings Payout Percentage: 39%

The company currently pays 40 cents per share in dividends for a yield of 2.4%.

Taiwan Semiconductor is like an Asian Energizer bunny. It keeps going and going. In the last month alone, the stock climbed 9%. Taiwan Semiconductor continues to make new 52-week highs just about every time I pull up the charts to look at it.

If you have a strong constitution, you can buy right into strength and ride out the volatility. Otherwise, the conservative (and my personal approach) is to wait for a retracement from profit taking. After shares ease back (assuming they do), enter into a position by scaling in.

Four of seven analysts now rate the company a hold while one recommends buying and two recommend selling. Analysts may have missed a good one. In the last 12 months, the shares have really moved higher. The one year return is 38%, and the average analyst target price for Taiwan Semiconductor is $15.52.

Almost zero desire by short sellers to move against this stock. Short interest hardly moves the needle with only 0.5% of the float. If you don't add this one to your portfolio, at least add it to your watch list. A lot can be gained just by watching the price action of a strong trending stock.

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