Cabot Corporation Launches EMPEROR® 1600 And EMPEROR® 1200 Carbon Black For Premium Coatings

Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) announces the launch of EMPEROR ® 1600 and EMPEROR ® 1200, premium carbon black pigments for coatings applications where exceptional color and superior processability are primary objectives. The products are specifically designed for solvent-based coatings applications and feature enhanced dispersability and best-in-class color performance.

EMPEROR 1600 is Cabot’s highest color black pigment for solvent-based applications that delivers deep black color with a blue undertone without sacrificing processability. EMPEROR 1200 provides excellent color performance and best-in-class dispersability and hiding power. Both products feature Cabot’s proprietary Softbead™ technology. Softbead technology enables products to disperse as easily as powder-form carbon blacks while also improving industrial hygiene by reducing dust levels associated with the transport and processing of traditional powder-form carbon black. These new pigments also wet-out more quickly and are easier to convey than standard powders.

“High jetness is increasingly a requirement for a variety of coating applications, and formulators are looking for ways to deliver superior color and performance while reducing costs,” said Josh Preneta, Global Segment Manager for Coatings, Cabot Corporation. “At Cabot, we are continually looking for ways to supply the market with innovative solutions that address current and future market needs. These new premium carbon black pigments deliver the desired performance and color while providing formulators with increased formulation flexibility, reduced dispersant loading and reduced dispersion time – which ultimately results in lower costs.”

Formulators of black coatings constantly strive for higher jetness, which means darker color with a blue undertone. Many high-end carbon black pigments require long milling times, the use of expensive dispersants, and they limit the ability of the formulator to tune other properties of the final coating. Cabot’s EMPEROR 1600 and 1200 break the tradeoff between color and ease of use. In a typical solvent-based coating with 60 percent loading of dispersant on carbon black, the use of EMPEROR 1600 or 1200 products reduces dispersant loading to 30 percent. The products disperse quickly and can be used at higher loadings than other high color carbon blacks.

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