Hill+Knowlton Strategies Appoints Thomas Tindemans Co-Lead Of Global Public Affairs Practice

Hill+Knowlton Strategies today announced that Thomas Tindemans, CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Brussels office, will join Joe Eyer as co-lead of the agency’s global public affairs practice. The appointment rounds out the agency’s global public affairs leadership team with experienced leaders in Washington, D.C. and Brussels.

Tindemans and Eyer will partner to broaden and strengthen the agency’s public affairs offering around the world. In addition to serving existing clients and leading global business development, the pair will design and market campaign services to arm clients with innovative public affairs and grassroots strategies that achieve clients’ dynamic objectives.

Tindemans brings 20 years of experience in European Union public affairs and strategic communications to the new role. He has an extended track record of advising corporate, government and NGO clients on their public and corporate affairs strategies, including legislative procedures and political developments in the EU institutions and the Member States. Prior to joining H+K Strategies in 2010, Tindemans led the public affairs practice at the law firm White & Case. In addition to co-leading H+K’s global public affairs practice, Tindemans will continue to assist clients in establishing their public and corporate affairs strategies.

“I am pleased to welcome Thomas to this expanded global leadership role,” said Jack Martin, global chairman and CEO of H+K Strategies. “Public affairs is at the very center of the Brussels office, which Thomas has ably led since taking the helm in January. I am confident he will bring that vision and creativity to our global public affairs practice.”

Lars-Erik Gronntun, president of H+K Strategies Europe, said, “Thomas has strategic instincts that serve his clients extraordinarily well – especially when they need communications strategies to solve complex public policy matters across international borders. He will now be in an excellent position to share his experience and expertise with his public affairs colleagues across the global network.”

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