Molecular Imaging

The Molecular Imaging business unit of Siemens Healthcare offers the world’s first comprehensive imaging solution for the visualization and quantification of amyloid plaques – a necessary pathology of Alzheimer’s disease – in the living brain. This comprehensive imaging solution includes the new Biograph™ mCT positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET•CT) scanner (with the industry’s highest volumetric resolution ² of 87 mm ³ that enables physicians to more accurately differentiate brain matter), the syngo ® .PET Amyloid Plaque software ³ – which enables the physician to evaluate amyloid plaque density in the living brain – and the radiopharmaceutical production and distribution expertise of PETNET Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens. This unique combination of scanner, software, and PET radiopharmaceutical expertise provides U.S. physicians with a valuable tool for the evaluation of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurologic conditions.

Siemens also will highlight the Symbia family of scalable single-photon emission CT (SPECT)•CT solutions, including its unique IQ•SPECT technology , which enables myocardial perfusion imaging using half the dose at double the speed. Additionally, Siemens will showcase the new iPad application for, which allows access to full processing and reading capabilities anywhere.

Radiation Oncology

The strategic global partnership between Siemens Healthcare and Varian Medical Systems, which took effect October 26 in North America following an international rollout earlier this year, provides advanced diagnostic and therapeutic solutions and services for treating cancer with image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery. The Siemens/Varian collaboration covers the mutual marketing and representation of products for imaging and treatment in the global radiation oncology business. Varian will represent Siemens diagnostic imaging products such as CT, PET•CT, and MRI to radiation oncology clinics in North America and in most international markets. Similarly, Siemens will represent Varian equipment and software for radiotherapy and radiosurgery within its offerings to its healthcare customers. This collaboration includes the development of software interfaces between Siemens and Varian treatment systems, including an interface that will enable Varian’s ARIA ® oncology information system software to support Siemens accelerators and imaging systems. Additionally, the two companies will investigate opportunities for joint development of new products for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

Radiography and Surgery

In X-ray, Siemens is showcasing the Mobilett Mira, the company’s first mobile digital X-ray system that has both a wireless and a wired detector that transmits image data via W-LAN to an integrated imaging system, facilitating examinations of critically ill patients with limited mobility. One of the smallest mobile X-ray systems available and possessing a resolution exceeding 7 million pixels, the Mobilett Mira features a detector that delivers image quality comparable to high-resolution stationary systems and works with very short exposure times beyond one millisecond. Furthermore, its mobile X-ray swivel arm system not only moves vertically but also rotates up to 90 degrees.

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