2. 2012 Ford Expedition XL
MSRP: $38,595
Market price: $32,408
Discount: 16%

How old-school is the Ford Expedition? It was brought in to replace the O.J. Simpson-tainted Ford Bronco in 1997. It's still based off a Ford F-150 platform and comes only with a V8 engine. Its combined mileage is a binge-drinking 16.8 mpg.

Like its luxury sister vehicle the Lincoln Navigator, the Expedition is a dinosaur. Despite including I-Love-The-2000s features suchas 20-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels and a dual head-restraint DVD system in its latest models and being offered in a Funkmaster Flex edition in 2008, the Expedition's sales have cratered from 233,000 in 1999 to just 40,500 last year. That was an improvement from the 32,000 sold after the market tanked in 2009, but still a sign of potential Expedition extinction.

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