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  • the lessons tech investors can learn from Alcatel-Lucent; and
  • two growth stocks that provided bright news for the market.

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Learn the Lesson of Alcatel-Lucent

Posted at 9:07 a.m. EDT on Friday, Nov. 23

We always forget about Alcatel-Lucent ( ALU). Every time we think that this is the moment to buy Hewlett-Packard ( HPQ) or Research In Motion ( RIMM) or Nokia ( NOK), we forget about the financial disaster that is right in our face.

I am reminded of this because right now Alcatel-Lucent is trying to arrange a lifeline loan from Goldman Sachs ( GS) to help shore up its balance sheet and keep it alive, something that causes the stock to jump 8% today to 1.20 euros.

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Lucent was a colossus that straddled the earth. It had the Bell Labs division of AT&T ( T), the brains behind AT&T and all the switching and all the fiber and all the copper. It had the greatest installed base in the world and the best international brand name. Believe me, it could rival Cisco ( CSCO) and show up Nortel every day of the week. You always knew it has the inside track on all of the big Verizon ( VZ) and AT&T deals as those companies grew and grew, and one of its former CEOs, Patricia Russo, showed me LTE in its infancy and explained how Lucent had the next-generation cell phone all to itself.

In short Lucent, at least the Lucent before it merged with Alcatel, seemed invincible. Yes, its previous CEO had inflated revenues, somewhat akin to what Hewlett-Packard accuses its Autonomy division of. But it was still winning tons of business globally after that and was considered the acknowledged leader in all wireless and wireline equipment.

Until it wasn't.

That was until Cisco passed it by in routers and switches, until the design of the cellphone itself became more important than the network, until the cloud emerged and storage farms and Internet highways, until innovation, much better mouse traps everywhere, passed it by.

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