“We are excited to continue this momentum and to bring this energy to other cities and to learn from them as well, said Sofis. “Our success has been due in large part to the tremendous partnership we have with the City – from the elected leadership to key departments - which fully embraces the drive for innovative, cross-sector solutions to increase manufacturing capacity.”

The UMA will build on the successes and expertise of SFMade and the Pratt Center as it implements focused regional initiatives in Chicago, Oakland and New York City and integrates the work of groups in a dozen additional cities ranging from Detroit and Philadelphia to Allentown and Atlanta. UMA members will focus on common challenges, ranging from branding to supply chain linkages, and will create a forum for policy development and advocacy. The Alliance will accelerate the efforts of local groups through the development of toolkits for local manufacturing support organizations, the creation of an online community and the convening of bi-monthly meetings. In addition, a national policy brief for the urban manufacturing sector will be published.

“Revitalizing our manufacturing sector is at the center of our nation’s economic policy,” said Adam Friedman, Director of the Pratt Center for Community Development. ”Manufacturing is heavily concentrated in urban areas. The policy conversation about the role of manufacturing in our economy must address the particular needs of urban manufacturers in order to create jobs for a diverse workforce.”

About SFMade

Founded in 2010, SFMade is a non-profit organization uniquely focused on building San Francisco’s economic base by developing the local urban manufacturing sector. SFMade’s programs – spanning industry-specific education, business advising, industrial real estate assistance, hiring assistance and youth apprenticeships, and a nationally recognized local brand platform - currently support more than 400 local manufacturers who collectively sustain more than 3000 jobs for diverse residents of San Francisco. For more information, visit www.sfmade.org

About the Pratt Center for Community Development

The Pratt Center is the oldest university-based advocacy planning and technical assistance organization in the United States. Located in  Brooklyn, NY and part of  Pratt Institute, Pratt Center leverages professional skills and practical experience in the areas of community organizing, policy advocacy, planning and technical assistance to support community-based organizations in their efforts to improve neighborhood quality of life and to create replicable models for equitable, sustainable community development. For more information, visit www.prattcenter.net

About Citi Community Development

Citi Community Development (CCD) is leading Citi’s commitment to achieve economic empowerment and growth for underserved individuals, families and communities by expanding access to financial products and services, and building sustainable business solutions and innovative partnerships. Our focus areas include: commercial and philanthropic funding; innovative financial products and services; and collaborations with institutions that expand access to financial products and services for low-income and underserved communities. For more information, visit www.citicommunitydevelopment.com.

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